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What is the Ohm rating on a coil and what does it mean ?

An Ohm (Ω) is a unit of resistance , the higher the resistance the less electricity will flow through it. So when you use a lower Ohm coil more electricity will flow through the coil resulting in the following :

  • More heat generated.
  • More vapour is produced. 
  • Some people say they get more flavour.
  • Vapour will be warmer
  • More of a hit on the throat.

With a lower resistance coil there are also negatives !

  • Battery life will be reduced.
  • Vape juice will be used more quickly.
  • Coil life can be reduced.

When using higher Ohm coils the opposite of the above will happen.

How long does a coil last ?

There are many factors that will effect the life of a coil. And there is no definitive answer to this question.

  • A persons vaping habits , some people will take small puffs , some will take long puffs , some will take lots of puffs in a small amount of time . Some people may only have a couple of puffs in a certain period. Some people will vape all day whilst others may only do it occasionally. 
  • The sweetness of a liquid has a massive effect on a coil. The sweeter the vape juice, the more likely it is to contain sweeteners, natural or artificial. When heated, these sweeteners can caramelize on the coil, and that is not a good thing.
  • Vaping on the correct wattage for the coil. If your coil has a best between wattage range make sure you set your wattage in between that range . Vaping higher than the recommended wattage of a coil will result in burnt hits much quicker. And coil life will be massively reduced.

How do i know when my coil needs replacing ?

The biggest indication a coil may need replacing is when you start experiencing dry hits , or taste of burning cotton whilst vaping. A massive loss of flavour could also indicate a coil is coming to the end of it's life. 

Spitting and crackling of the coil can also be an indication that a coil may need replacing ,This is because the liquid isn’t being absorbed into the worn out cotton as much as it did when it was fresh. In most cases it could mean something else but can still be a indication of a coil coming to the end.

What are refillable pods ?

Pod systems and pod devices are being more and more popular due to the simplicity of using them . All pods will still contain a coil , some will already be installed in the pod so it's just a case of filling the pod . And once the pod is tasting burnt it's just a case of buying a new pod and repeat.

Some pods will still need a coil inserting into them by the user . some people prefer this method as some pods will take different coils but will fit one device.

There is no better version out the two options , it is just a case of personal preference . Some people like the simplicity of just buying a new pod with the coil already in.

Whats the difference between a regular and mesh coil ?

The biggest difference between regular and mesh comes down to how they draw power from your mod and convert that electrical energy to vapor.

Mesh coils have a much larger surface area resulting in much better flavour. Mesh coils can also result in your battery lasting longer as they take less time to heat so can be run on lower wattage's.

The downside to mesh coils , is because of the surface area more e-liquid will be used . And a cooler vape is often felt with mesh coils.

How long should I let a new coil / pod soak before using it ?

We always advise leaving the new coil / pod sitting for at least half hour before using it . The longer the better is the rule of thumb . The reason the new coil / pod needs to sit is to allow the cotton to absorb the e-liquid . 

Using it say after 5 mins will usually result in a dry hit , and once the cotton is burnt the coil is ruined and will need replacing . 

Will all coils / pods fit any device ?

No each coil or pod is specifically designed to fit certain devices and tanks . On all devices we sell there is a link in the description to which coils fit that device etc.