How to start vaping

How to start vaping?

Of all the reasons to start vaping, the most common is because they offer a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. AT LEAST 95% safer in fact. (1) Other reasons include:

  • Cost, Vaping is much cheaper than smoking
  • Health, with studies showing vaping is 95% safer. It's an easy choice.
  • Enjoyment, vapers have thousands of flavours available to them, making it enjoyable.
  • Hygiene, with more and more people quitting, the smell of cigarettes really stands out!
  • Community, alot of vapers enjoy their experience through the community of hobbyists that is out there! There are many friends to be made here!

So, now you're interested, where do you start?

First, what is vaping? How does it work and what do you need?

Vaping is the use of an electronic device that vapourises a liquid (known as E-Liquid) to create a "cloud" of vapour that we then inhale. For the most part this E-Liquid contains nicotine, which allows us to have our nicotine intake without the health risks that come with smoking.

A vaping set-up will consist of a mod, tank, power source and liquid.


A mod is the base that the tank screws on to. It is the power house of your kit and is the main, largest part. A mod can have a built in power source or use an external, insertable battery. They can be very basic with only a power button, or they can be advanced with a digital display with menu's and customizability options. You can buy a mod on it's own or as part of a kit with a tank. Due to the popularity of vaping, mods can be found in a magnitude of colours, shapes and designs to suit even the most exacting customer.


A tank is the top part of the kit. It is where you fill your E-Liquid into and it's where the magic of vaping happens! Each tank has a coil (Heating element) which heats the E-Liquid up to a temperature in which it vapourises. Coils can be whats known as stock (most tanks take these, to replace them you just unscrew/pull out the old one and replace with a new one) or they can be rebuildable (where you must create your own from fresh. More advanced and less common) 

Tanks now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however due to EU regulations they can no longer hold more than 2ml of E-Liquid at the point of sale. Most tanks have accessories available which can expand the capacity of your tank, meaning you don't need to fill it up as often however.Aspire K1 plus vape tank in silver

Power source:

As mentioned in Mod, a power source can be built in or external. Built in batteries are more starter friendly, as all you need to do is charge and go. Most Mods use a micro USB charger which is the same as most phones on the market today. A charging lead is usually supplied though. The built in batteries come in a variety of sizes ranging from less than 1000mAh up to 5000mAh.

External batteries, external batteries are the most common type due to vapers having the ability to carry spare, charged batteries. Most devices are made to take an 18650 cell, however some are now 20700 or 21700. When choosing a cell it is important to ensure that is has a high amp limit and can safely handle the power that the mod requests of them. External batteries are safest when charged in a specific external charger designed for them. Always carry spare batteries in a case and don't let them near metal, loose change or anything that may create a short.

Efest 20700 battery

Choosing the right vape?

Choosing the right vape for you can be a daunting task, especially when you're new to vaping. So how do you choose the right vape?

  1. What kind of vape do you want? Most starters would opt for a cigarette style vape. These create a similar amount of vape to what a cigarette does. They are generally smaller, cheaper and easier to use than their counterparts (cloud devices). If you want to use a higher nicotine, with a similar experience to a cigarette then we suggest looking at either pod mods or starter kits. From there you can choose from design, size and price. If on the other hand you want to use a cloud device which generally give off a lot more vapour than a cigarette does, has more flavour but costs more, then take a look at our regulated kits.
  2. How big do you want it? Most of the starter kits are much smaller than the cloud devices. Take this into account when choosing
  3. Do you want more nicotine or flavour? Although starter kits have improved hugely over the past 14 years, the flavour doesn't compete with that of a cloud device. This is because of the amount of vapour you get at once from a cloud device.
  4. Built in or external battery? Most starter kits come with a built in battery, but some can take external. So watch out for that! Most cloud devices come needing external batteries which are sold separately, but some are also built in. Another one to look out for!
  5. Ease of use. If you're after an easy to use, straight out of the box kit then look no further than our starter kits. If you want to have more customisation and see vaping as more of a hobby, then look to our regulated kits.

I still don't know?

If you still can't decide on your first vape, then give us a call, email, chat or pop into store and one of our friendly expert staff can help you to find the best for you! We will ask you questions to determine the best kit and what we think will work best for you personally!

We know it can be daunting when you start something new, but we remember that and we were all new at one point, so don't be afraid to change your life for the better and get in touch.