Just Add Mix Kit
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Just Add Mix Kit

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Do you like better value?

Do you have that one juice you could use forever?

Want more juice easily?

If the answer is yes to any of the above is YES then our Mix Kits are perfect for you!

Our kits come in a handy 250ml bottle with a nozzle, filled to the right amount ready for nic shots to be added!

Each kit when combined with a 30ml flavour (NOT INCLUDED) will make up a 200ml bottle of juice!

For 1.5mg add 2 x 15mg shots HERE

For 3mg add 4 x 15mg shots HERE

for 6mg add 8 x 15mg shots HERE

For 12mg add 8 x 15mg VG shots HERE and 8 x 15mg PG shots HERE

Each kit is priced differently to account for nicotine shots (NOT INCLUDED)